Meet Kimberly Adams

"My name is Kimberly Adams and I’m running for Congress because I want to help our children achieve their dreams." 

Kimberly is a 17-year veteran Fairfax County Public School teacher.  She has served as president of the Fairfax Education Association (an NEA affiliate) and is the immediate past president of the Fairfax County Council of PTAs. With education secretary Betsy DeVos in Washington, now more than ever we need people in Congress who will stand up for our public schools. Kimberly will fight for our children and our future.  

Kimberly has spent her career standing up for our progressive values. Join our campaign today to elect Kimberly and change our future.

Kimberly in Action

Trusted Leader

Kimberly has spent the past decade leading in the education field here in Fairfax County. Collaborating with parents and educators from across the Commonwealth, Kimberly has worked to improve teaching and learning in our great public schools. As a leader, Kimberly has worked to increase the number of active community members and raise awareness of the importance of engaging with our elected officials.

Determined Progressive

Kimberly believes that progressive values are important to our country's future.  Standing up for a living wage, healthcare for all, and human rights, and campaign finance reform are just a few of the ideals Kimberly shares with other progressives.  Kimberly participated in the Progressive Change Campaign Committee training in Washington, DC. She is a graduate of the Wellstone Program and the Virginia Progressive Leadership Program.

Voice for Women

Kimberly is a 2015 graduate of the Emerge program, training women to run for elected office. She seeks to increase the number of women serving in political office.  With women making up 51% of our population, it is unacceptable that less than 25% of our elected officials at all levels of government are women.

Dedicated Teacher

Kimberly began her teaching career in the classroom at Churchill Road Elementary School in McLean, VA.  She has been the librarian at Mosby Woods Elementary and most recently at Mantua Elementary School in Fairfax.  As a teacher Kimberly has been responsible for inspiring her students to reach their full potential.  She knows that the value we place on our public schools will directly impact the future of our economy and our environment.

Community Advocate

Kimberly is the mother of two boys.  Her understanding of the need for quality education, particularly for our special needs children, comes directly from her own child's hearing loss.  As an advocate for appropriate programs and methods, Kimberly has done the research and asked the tough questions.  She knows what it takes to raise awareness and develop coalitions. Kimberly is also an appointee to the Fairfax County Human Services Council.  She takes time to listen and help develop innovative solutions to issues in our community including poverty, homelessness, and food insecurity. 


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